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How to Choose a Baby Name

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    Choosing a Name with Personal Significance

    1Make a list of names that have personal meaning.

    2Consider names with shared significance to you and your partner.

    3Ask your families about naming traditions and naming heritage.

    4Wait for meaningful name inspiration during pregnancy.

    5Name your baby after a season or significant event.

    6Wait until you meet your baby.

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    Choosing a Name with Public Appeal

    1Consult a baby book or an online name database.

    2Choose from a pre-approved list.

    3Tune into the media.

    4Take a vote or conduct an online naming poll.

    5Choose a nickname.

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    Avoiding Baby Name Pitfalls

    1Double-check the meaning of the name you like.

    2Sound it out.

    3Avoid name puns.

    4Choose spelling and pronunciation with care.

    5Test out the name's longevity.

    6Take the initials test.

    7Keep you baby's name a secret until birth.